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*Name: Kidboo


*Class: Mage


*What main spec are you applying as? Arcane


*Are you dual spec'd? If so, what is your secondary spec?

Yes, PVP Frost


*What are your professions and why did you choose them?

I have herbalism to help gather mats for pots and flasks for raids. I also did engineering for fun. I do like the glove haste enchants and some of the smaller things for bgs.


*Armory link: (In format)


Any serious alts? List them here.

Gangmember - 80 Shammy (but just recently turned 80)


*First name: *Age: *Location and Time Zone:

Martin - Houston, TX (central)


*Do you have Ventrilo installed? Microphone? Will you be able to be vocal when necessary?

Yes, ofcourse.


*Why did you choose Psychedelic over other guilds? Give us the hard sell and don't hold back.

I want to see more end game especially the Heroic mode ICC. I know u guys are pretty advanced. In addition, I would like to play with some of my RL friends in the guild.


*When you're not raiding, in what ways do you prepare yourself and the guild as a whole for upcoming progression?

Getting mats for pots and flasks. I regularly frequent forums and watch youtube video of fights.


*Give us an idea of how experienced you are in regards to knowing fight mechanics, both past and present.

Been raiding since vanilla wow days...MC, BWL, Naxx....quit for a bit and then came back and raided BT, Mount Hyjal, and Sunwell. As far as current raids, I've gone as far as Sindragosa, but I do know how the LK fight works from forums and videos.


*How well versed are you with your class? Do you feel that you have full command and knowledge of your class? Do you keep up with or participate in theorycrafting?

Yes, I feel I have a good understanding of my class. This has been my main eversince, though I used to be alliance.


*List all of your previous, serious raiding guilds and provide us with references from your latest (officer or higher preferably). Did you leave on good terms? Reason for leaving?

Current guild is Riot. I'm still on good terms with them, though we have had shortage of members. Thus, its is difficult to get a raid going.


*Disconnecting, errors, viruses, keyloggers, crashes, etc. These things can become a hassle and a waste of time for everyone (yes, that includes you too!). Is your internet and computer reliable? What type of latency and fps do you raid with?

131MS and 30FPS (kinda low due to my old comp, but should be building a new one shortly)


*Do you have any established raiders in Psychedelic to vouch for you? Also, are any Psychedelic members your real life friends of family?

Yes, I have 2 RL friends in the guild: Disboi & Davjumbo


*Can you commit to our raiding schedule? (Mon-Thurs, 8pm-11pm st)



*Do you have an issue with being on standby for certain raids or rotating with another player of your class?

I do not.


*Do you have any screenshots of your raid interface? If not, please take one.

I do not have one, but if u like i could.


*We have high expectations of our raiders. What do you expect from Psychedelic as a guild?

To continue to progress in end game.


What do you expect to achieve or gain by joining us? What are your end-game goals?

I hope to be a valuable asset to the guild. As for goals, I would just like to see LK down in the short term. Long term, I just want to continue to raid. Been raiding since MC days, why stop now.


*Do you feel that you would become an immediate asset to our roster if you were to be accepted today?



*Do you have any additional comments or anything you would like to let us know? Feel free to tell us a little about yourself. We appreciate players with great personalities.

2 more semesters before I get my MBA =)

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Sorry about the armory keeps on erroring whenever I copy and past the link to this app.

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RL friend  &  A Great Mage! taught me how to play my mage back in BC.  We raided all of vanilla Wow and BC together.  Probably one of the best mages i've seen play.  Would be a great addition to our roster.


I fully support this app. and wait for you guys decsion.

-- a BEAST! :D

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This guy knows what he's doing. I know he can pull out a ton of dps. Plus i know him in RL
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Your stats seem pretty solid, although I prefer to not gem for purified cuts as Arcane and get a runed instead of the set bonus. The trade out is 4 spell power for 11 spirit (with kings) which is about 6.05 crit rating. Also reckless is better than straight haste reguarding your shoulders.

The extra 6yds for casting range from Magic Attunement is very usefull for spreading out on saurfang and getting more time to cast before they reach you along with not having to run as far when chasing down adds like the oozes on Putricide. If you wish to get that talent dropping points from Student of the Mind would be best.

While people look down on wearing pvp gear to raids it is understandable to do so when you haven't had the opportunity to get anything better. After all the amount of spell power and haste on your boots and bracers make them better than gear below the level of 25-ToC and 25-Ulduar.

You should upgrade your shoulder enchant with the Sons of Hodir one. The easiest way to do this would be to spend triumph badges for the rep tokens which I think grant 505 rep per token.

Anways, thru all my little nit picking and critisizing your stats do look pretty solid being at the hit cap, decent crit, and having over 1000 haste for arcane.

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Thanks for the contructive critism.


The minor 4 spell damage increase over the 6 crit rating is miniscule. At that point, my personal preference is crit. But if needs be, I can regem.


About the shoulder enchant, seems I got sidetracked in lvling my shammy that I forgot I wasn't exalted and didn't have the best enchant there. I'll be doing some more quest and turning in the badges to up my rep. I'll also be changing out the gem to reckless.


I havent had any real issues with range yet, but then again I haven't really been runing ICC heroic regularly either. If you think its best to get the 6 yrds, I'll gladly drop 2 pts in student of the mind to get that.


As for the pvp bracers and boot, you are correct. I have had bad luck in getting the Plagued Scientist boots to drop and Ether-Soaked Bracers (heroic). Thus, my next best option was the pvp ones with their high spell damage and haste.

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Update - The shoulders have since been re-enchanted and re-gemmed


Look forward to your response.

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Good app, we usually take 2-3 mages with us per raid and have several mages that are well established.  We have had some difficulties with people showing up recently so it's very possible that you could see some raiding. Most of our mages are fire, so the arcane dynamic can be beneficial when were missing a ret pally.  If you dont have a problem biding your time and waiting for a raid spot then i have no problem giving you a shot.

Application accepted.  Pst an officer in game for an invite.

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