Guild Rules and Regulations

<PSYCHEDELIC> of US-DETHEROC is a raiding guild dedicated to progressing through content in WotLK in preparation for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. 

Though we are a relatively new guild, we were formed from some of the most hardcore and dedicated members Detheroc has to offer. As such, we still require a high degree of discipline and level of skill from those who wish to call themselves Core Raiders.

Psychedelic Ranks and Benefits

Alt ------------

Casual -------

Officer Alt ---

Magikarp ---

Member -----

Raider -------

Officer -------

Guild Master 
 - An alt of any current member that is not an Officer or above gets this rank by default. No special benefits are granted by this rank.
 - Any member that wishes to remain in the guild primarily because of friends that are members holds this rank, as well as those that wish to raid but cannot adhere to our raid schedule on a weekly basis. These members will be picked for alternate and some 10 man raids, but will not find themselves participating in any progression or 25 man raids. These members are encouraged to uphold the guild's reputation the most, as they can be kicked without notice or reason. Friends of Casuals are not allowed to join the guild.
 - An alt of a member of Officer rank. This rank holds the same powers and benefits granted by the higher Officer rank. ( See Officer rank for more details.)
 - The "Trial" rank. This rank can be considered one of the most important, as potential raiders are being judged by their raid attendance and performance most heavily during the time this rank is held. This rank is held between 2-4 weeks before possible promotions are in order, albeit exceptions can sometimes be made. This rank grants no special benefits or privileges, although members of this rank are eligible to participate in progression and 25 man raids.
 - Members of this rank are finally considered full-fledged members of Psychedelic, and are no longer being as closely watched and evaluated. Benefits provided by this rank include the ability to purchase items from the Guild Bank at reduced cost and the activation of guild repairs during certain raids and fights. 
 - Members of this rank are considered to be the elite and "core" of Psychedelic's raids and are expected to maintain a high level of performance from then on. Additional benefits provided are a further reduced price of Guild Bank items, as well as the advantage of being able to recommend fellow Raiders for Officer placement. Raiders' opinions on the activities in the guild hold a much greater weight than those below them, giving them a much louder "voice" in the guild, as they are deemed to be knowledgeable enough to know what they are talking about.
 - The raid leaders and moderators of the guild. Standing right below the Guild Master in terms of power and voice, the rules of the ones who hold this rank are as good as those of the Guild Master himself, so long as they do not contradict what the Guild Master has stated. Members of this rank are primarily responsible for the recruitment of potential applicants, conducting raids, ensuring everyone is fully prepared, answering guild members and applicants questions, and overall management of the guild. Members of Raider rank may nominate one of their own for this rank, though the final say lies in the decision of the Officers and Guild Master. Additional benefits include the ability to organize and lead raids, access to Officer chat, and the ability to fully access the Guild Bank, as well as invite and remove guild members. Members of this rank are the embodiment of the guild and, as such, should act in the utmost mature fashion, wherever they may be.
 - The ultimate head of the guild and the one indirectly responsible for all actions of the guild and its supporting members. The senior raid leader and the one who has the final say in all matters pertaining to the guild, the Guild Master is the top of the food chain and acts as Head Officer.

Loot Distribution Rules

- Psychedelic is a guild that uses EPGP to distribute loot in an efficient and fair manner. 



What is EPGP?


Can I start getting gear as soon as I am accepted?

 - Guild members will be ineligible to receive loot until they have acquired 3000 EP, or about 2-3 weeks of raiding.

How exactly can I earn EP?

 - 100 EP is earned for being in the raid group at or before the beginning of the scheduled raid time. An additional 100 EP is earned for every hour spent in the raid group. Note: You need only remain in the raid group to be awarded EP every hour. However, going "AFK" or disconnecting to log on to an alt without telling an officer is highly inadvisable, as you may be quick and thus ineligible for EP. Additionally, certain progression bosses may award additional EP when downed, and plans for implementing side tasks, such as donating to the Guild Bank, are currently underway.

So, if I have the highest EP for an item, I automatically get the item?

 - Not necessarily. EPGP is based on an additive/divisive system to come up with "PR," or "priority." If, for example, you have 4000 EP and have bought an item worth 500 GP, your PR will go down to 8. If another raid bidding on the same item has 3200 EP and 1 GP, the absolute minimum, then they will be awarded the item over you, since they have a PR of 3200.

So, are all items distributed this way?

 - 25 man Heroic trinkets and Marks of Sanctification are council'd by the Officers and Guild Master, in an effort to make sure they go to who could use them most effectively. These decisions are guided by, but not completely based on, how often a person has shown up for raids, the role the raider fills, and overall performance and attitude.

Friends and Alts

 - So, you want to invite friends to the guild? Want that special someone hearing you get wrecked in guild chat all day? Well, there are a few new soon-to-be-implemented rules involving alts and friends, so pay attention!

: You are an alt. You have no privileges by yourself.

Casual: You are no better than an alt. You also cannot get invites for your alts/friends. 

Officer alt
: Again, has no privileges by itself. You are an officer first, so additional privileges will not be provided.

Magikarp: As this is our "Trial" stage, you have very limited privileges. You may have: 1 
alt in the guild, for a total of 2, and may have 1 friend attached to your name.

Members: You have somewhat extended privileges, being able to have: 2 non-80 alt(s) in the guild, but no more than 3 total. However, you may still only have 1 friend in the guild.

Raiders: The prime privileges for most, you are able to have: 2 non-80 alts, but no more than 4 total, and 2 friends.

Officers: Since this rank is responsible for the running of the guild is smooth fashion, alts in different guilds, as other members are allowed to do, is not really a viable option. This rank is allowed to have: 5 alts total, regardless, and 3 friends total.

Guild Master: Holds the same rights granted to the Officers.

Current Class Needs

Death Knight * * Druid * * Hunter * * Mage * * Paladin * * Priest * * Rogue * * Shaman * * Warlock * * Warrior * *

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