Lady Deathwhisperer down! More pictures to come!

 - Great job tonight, guys! Thanks for sticking in there, even after an atrocious first night full of ugly wipes, and coming back to get the job done! 9/12, more pictures soon to come!

A Friend of a Friend is an enemy of mine...

 - A new section in the "Guild Expectations" page details what privileges each member of the guild has in regards to having friends/alts in the guild. Please review this section if you have friends in the guild or plan on inviting any soon.

(H) 25-man Icecrown Citadel roster announced!

 - The roster we aim to have for most of our future Heroic 25m Icecrown Citadel attempts is now up. Note that this list, nor those on it, isn't permanently set in stone. Both the classes and their occupants will forever be under intense scrutiny and roster is subject to change with little or no notice. 

Are you smarter than a Huntard?

 - Class-specific forums are now available! Go post your most recent theorcraft ideas. Debate on talents, glyphs, best-in-slot itemization, and more. Simply go to "Forums" then "Class Discussion" to find out more.

Heroic Raid Composition

 - As a guild diving into the Heroic variations of 25 Icecrown Citadel fights, we find ourselves theorycrafting the best possible raid compositions to bring with us. There will be a forum post under "News and Announcements" entitled "Heroic Raid Composition" where I will post links to a few such compositions that we will be striving towards and testing out. It is highly recommended that you look this over so that you know where you stand and post your questions/ideas.

Guild Rules, Regulations, and Expectations

 - There is a forum sticky in the "News and Announcements" section of the Forums entitled "Guild Expectations" that I'd like you all to take a look at and contribute to. The purpose of this thread is for all ranks of Psychedelic to post ideas/questions/thoughts about how exactly this guild will be run, whether it be the loot system we use or what happens to BoE's we pick up during raids. 

I'd also like everyone to start using the forums in every creative and meaningful way possible. I didn't create the website to amuse myself.


Raid cancelled; Promotions imminent! (Irony?)

 - The raid scheduled for July 19th has been cancelled due to inadequate raiders showing up. This hasn't been a problem for this guild until tonight. Generally, as most of you have seen, we have Groups 6-8 full as well, waiting for a chance to get in. Now, I understand this is the first Monday night we have officiated as part of the regular raid schedule, which is why the punishments handed out this week will be much less severe than those that will be haded out in the future. However, don't be too surprised if you are sat tomorrow in favor of a raider that did show up tonight.

 - On another, but somewhat similiar note, for those of you who have been in Psychedelic since week 1 and have kept a generally acceptable raid attendance, promotions are in order! Many members, currently deemed "Magikarp," will soon find themselves elevated to the position of "Member" or the elite "Raider" position! Congratulations to all of those who attain this esteemed rank, and keep working at it for those who fall short at this time.

Lich King 25 down!

 - That's right, kids! I can upload a picture. On to heroic modes!