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*We have high expectations of our raiders. What do you expect from Psychedelic as a guild?
Get serious in raids and clear content.
What do you expect to achieve or gain by joining us? What are your end-game goals?
Well i guess clear everything and even make personal achievements as well to keep things fun.

*Do you feel that you would become an immediate asset to our roster if you were to be accepted today?

*Do you have any additional comments or anything you would like to let us know? Feel free to tell us a little about yourself. We appreciate players with great personalities.

Im a collage student, i have lots of pets (mostly exotic) and im pretty social and i'm and gold cap, err above.
*Name: Solz

 *Class: Rogue

 *What main spec are you applying as? Assassination (51/18/2)

 *Are you dual spec'd? If so, what is your secondary spec? atm its for pvp but if needed i can switch it to combat however my combat spec isn't too strong ( slacking on the arm pen)

 *What are your professions and why did you choose them?  Engineering / Jewelcrafting both (450)

 *Armory link: (In format)

  Any serious alts? List them here. well i guess now my druid (Urzus)

*First name: *Age: *Location and Time Zone: Noah, 22. NC, EST

*Do you have Ventrilo installed? Microphone? Will you be able to be vocal when necessary?
yes, yes and yes

*Why did you choose Psychedelic over other guilds? Give us the hard sell and don't hold back.
From what i noticed there always seems to be people on; the progression is great from being made so recent, and the peeps are nice.

*When you're not raiding, in what ways do you prepare yourself and the guild as a whole for upcoming progression?
Look over strats, make sure i have necessary raiding supplies (i.e Poisons, flasks, buff food, speed pots, jeeves and portable mailbox)

*Give us an idea of how experienced you are in regards to knowing fight mechanics, both past and present.
i raided in vanilla killed zg, and MC at content release, got to twins (aq-40) then guild broke, raided partial Naxx40; TBC i pvp'd and thats it did kara and ZA and some times TK. WotLK all content cleared on druid till 11/12 HM ICC10/25

*How well versed are you with your class? Do you feel that you have full command and knowledge of your class? Do you keep up with or participate in theorycrafting?
Spreadsheets are all over my desktop and ive had this pc for about 3 weeks, I read class forums and personal threads daily.

*List all of your previous, serious raiding guilds and provide us with references from your latest (officer or higher preferably). Did you leave on good terms? Reason for leaving?

*Disconnecting, errors, viruses, keyloggers, crashes, etc. These things can become a hassle and a waste of time for everyone (yes, that includes you too!). Is your internet and computer reliable? What type of latency and fps do you raid with?
yes very, i have in raids about 100 ms 80ms average and 60 fps max settings.

*Do you have any established raiders in Psychedelic to vouch for you? Also, are any Psychedelic members your real life friends of family?
Baneoflight can i do bgs and stuff all the time and knew him from when i was previously on this server

*Can you commit to our raiding schedule? (Mon-Thurs, 8pm-11pm st)

*Do you have an issue with being on standby for certain raids or rotating with another player of your class?
nope do whats needed to kill shit imo

*Do you have any screenshots of your raid interface? If not, please take one.
yes, (out of combat)

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wait why did it post like that?

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Currently i can tell you we have 3 Raiding Rogues atm so getting a spot would be almost impossible.  im not saying dont try im just informing you that  there are 3 highly skilled rogues that show up every day.    I do have some questions about your gear choices. pst me ingame  to discuss your choices in gear.

That is my opinion i cant say anything further to the officers till i talk to you.

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Gear choices? Im doing what i can for my current gear level im at Exp cap (little above but thats just from gear) close to my crit cap but not so much where its useless, i've got oodles of haste, which is what all assassination rogues want for higher poison frequency, If your questioning my trinkets im making the best the Shard of Crystal heart acts basically and another speed pot i can use multiple times, i personally haven't gone too serious on getting alot of gear on this toon but it was an alt for the most part; when you say that getting a raiding spot is impossible well thats sorta news to me sense Deepfox told me to app on my rogue.....

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While we do have three skilled raiding rogues, as I stated previously, n one's raid spot is guaranteed. In that respect, Maij just might be afraid of contenders. 

As I don't know anything serious about rogues, I'll have Maij, Deep, and Infizz break you down over the next few days. In the meantime, I'll be reading your responses and you'll know where you stand within 2-3 days.


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odd....i thought rogue apps was closed off, but what do i know.


-- a BEAST! :D

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Application denied.


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