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*Name: Jaydox


*Class: Paladin


*What main spec are you applying as? Holy


*Are you dual spec'd? If so, what is your secondary spec? Prot


*What are your professions and why did you choose them?

  - Inscription - Bonuses for shoulder enchants, ability to make glyphs, fort scrolls, and just regular scrolls.

  - Enchanting - Ability to enchant my own gear, and the bonus of enchants on rings.


*Armory link: (In format)


 Any serious alts? List them here.

   Jayrr - Hunter

   Jayknight - Death Knight


*First name: Jared

*Age: 17

*Location and Time Zone: East Cost of Canada, Atlantic Time Zone (2hrs a head of server time)


*Do you have Ventrilo installed? Microphone? Will you be able to be vocal when necessary? Yes


*Why did you choose Psychedelic over other guilds? Give us the hard sell and don't hold back.

  - IM sick of pugging stuff that is easy on reg, Its hard to understand how people can't do more in those pugs, I want to step it up by doing heroic modes, I believe that I could learn the heroic

content fights fast for what I don't know. Anyways ive raided with a few of the members in the past and everyone knew their stuff and things went relatively well.


*When you're not raiding, in what ways do you prepare yourself and the guild as a whole for upcoming progression?

   Run heroics with guildies, get enchants, gems, flasks, etc. For myself and help other guildies by giving enchants if I can.


*Give us an idea of how experienced you are in regards to knowing fight mechanics, both past and present.

   Between this toon and one of my alts I have successfully cleared content in 25 ICC to Sindragosa, as for 10 man ICC ive more then once cleared to LK as both healer and tank and tried LK 10 a few months back.


*How well versed are you with your class? Do you feel that you have full command and knowledge of your class? Do you keep up with or participate in theorycrafting?

   - As for the upcoming content I have been keeping as up to date as I can, for current content I have the appropriate knowledge of how to play my paladin, I read the odd paladin guide online for

current content and also I don't mind taking advice.


*List all of your previous, serious raiding guilds and provide us with references from your latest (officer or higher preferably). Did you leave on good terms? Reason for leaving?

   Chaos Fury (My guild) - Tyberes or Holyswords/Iownsyous - Were not doing anything right now.

   Stereophonic - Disbanded

   Rogue Angels - Wanted to try out running Chaos Fury.

   Morning After - Guild fell apart when the Gm stopped logging in.


*Disconnecting, errors, viruses, keyloggers, crashes, etc. These things can become a hassle and a waste of time for everyone (yes, that includes you too!). Is your internet and computer reliable? What type of latency and fps do you raid with?

   Just recently had Internet upgraded, as for computer to play wow on if my pc were to ever fail me I could hop on my Mac, but I cant recall any issues with my PC, I run antivirus scans all the time, and keep stuff updated. 150-280 Latency, in combat 250-60 frames, only boss my fps drops much is marrowgar, but that's when im tanking, and that's when my fps hit 25-30, average fps is like 38-50. On the Mac lowest fps is like 50.


*Do you have any established raiders in Psychedelic to vouch for you? Also, are any Psychedelic members your real life friends of family?

  - I don't have any IRL friends in Psychedelic (or at least none I know off) as far as people ive raided with in the past there are a few in the guild.


*Can you commit to our raiding schedule? (Mon-Thurs, 8pm-11pm st)



*Do you have an issue with being on standby for certain raids or rotating with another player of your class?

  - I don't have an issue with standby, but lets face it none of us really enjoy it.


*Do you have any screenshots of your raid interface? If not, please take one.

And just for good measure I turned on my bars that are on auto hide and took a screenshot(They show when hovered over)


*We have high expectations of our raiders. What do you expect from Psychedelic as a guild?

  - To capable of doing content some of my previous guilds could not do because of a lack of raid awareness and attendance from some members, and us raid aware people take note of that.


What do you expect to achieve or gain by joining us? What are your end-game goals?

  - To complete more then pugs can by doing heroic content.


*Do you feel that you would become an immediate asset to our roster if you were to be accepted today?

  - If your roster requires a pally that knows his stuff then yes.


*Do you have any additional comments or anything you would like to let us know? Feel free to tell us a little about yourself. We appreciate players with great personalities.

   Well ive designed websites if that counts as unique. And ive never been great at spelling but don't mind looking something up or using the closest spell check.


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i ussaly dont write my comment on apply forum but for jaydox il do a exception. I ran multiple pug group with him several week before psychedelic was created! I know he is really patien and he is a good skill player so i think he deserve a trial spot! (well that my opinion)

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Update: Replaced Inscription with JC, currently power leveling JC, also now I have completed icc 25 reg (12/12) on this toon.

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Update...again - JC maxed out

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ive raided with jaydox many times and hes a solid holy pally who was always topping the charts whether we were in icc or toc


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Chart topping is irrelevant; I'd like to hear about his understanding of his class, or whether or not his heals are timely, used correctly, etc.


Chicks are for fags.

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^^^ agree with tenday^^^  We are not a guild who gives a hoot if you top charts. 


Your gear looks good and i believe you are a good healer so hopefully you can get a trial period with us.

-- a BEAST! :D

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Jaydox please pst me in game

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